Our   Story

Nana Mary's Bakeshop is here to do more than just refine an old tradition. Guided by tried and true recipes which have been passed down through generations and Nana Mary's great granddaughter's professional pastry experience from The Culinary Institute of America and beyond, we draw inspiration from around the world to create the most interesting flavor combinations. We are twisting old recipes into new ones so the babka can shine once again. By taking great pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients possible, partnering with various local vendors here in Central Texas.

Our passion is to bake a bread that will take you back to a certain time and place from your past. A small smile will creep along your face and when you come back to present day you will understand the love, patience and gratititude we have put into our babkas. From our hands to your tastebuds, we strive to put love into every bite.